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Thank you to our Project Chairs for organizing our NETS projects and thank you to all of our members who worked our first projects! Future project opportunities may be posted here, so check back soon!


Available Now:

4/13/2014 - Rwanda Project by Engineers Without Borders (Facebook)

Use the links above to get more information regarding the project. Please check the group's Facebook page and website for up-to-date information regarding meetings.

Weekly GBMs: Tues. 6:00pm - 7:30pm; International House, Asante Room 123A

Stormwater Treatment Project

We are a team of engineering students committed to designing, building, and implementing stormwater filtration devices at the University of California, San Diego. Based on data collected by the Environmental, Health, & Safety (EH&S) Office, the land water collected in our sewers at the Campus Services Complex carry harmful oils, heavy metals, and suspended solids that flow out to the Pacific Ocean, Los Penesquitos Creek, and Rose Canyon Creek. Since San Diego is well-known for its marine life and biodiversity, our CGI U Commitment to Action is to significantly reduce the damage by implementing an innovative filtration device utilizing natural volcanic rock and algae-based absorbent material to reduce such contaminants.











In January 2014, we applied for the Clinton Global Initiative University. Our Commitment to Action to implement our Storm-water filtration device at the UCSD main campus was selected and we were invited to attend the seventh annual CGI U conference in March at Arizona State University. We met with 1,200 other student leaders from across the world whose commitments were selected for the following five focus areas: environmental and climate change, peace and human rights, poverty alleviation, public health, and education. We had the opportunity to attend plenary sessions, working sessions, office hours with topic experts, and networking sessions. Awareness and empowerment were two major themes of the conference and we heard several panelists address issues such as the current problems with regards to international politics, Iron-deficiency in developing countries, education-reform, refugee camp reform, clean water availability, and several more. Countless resources and connections were provided to help us complete our Commitment to Action. To celebrate the end of the conference, we volunteered our Saturday morning to participate in a Day of Action. We built benches and farming beds at a local park so that the members of the community could start their own sustainable gardening projects.


Project Managers - Andrew Huang, Justine Tran, and Stephen Palani


Research Team Leads - Ivan Cui and Michael Tang


Research Team - Corey Shono, Stephanie Smith, Fernando Contreras, Jay Lim, and Nick Garrett


To support our "Commitment to Action" for the Clinton Global Initiative click here.

Additional questions on this project may be sent to: bubbasolutions@gmail.com


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