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NanoEngineering is still a new major. Regardless of your choice of focus, it is unlikely that you'll find many opportunities whenever you wander into a job fair (though DeCAF may prove otherwise) because of NanoEngineering's multidisciplinary nature. Regardless, whether you choose to enter the industry or graduate school after receiving your degree, there are summer internship opportunities you can apply for to further your career and goals as NanoEngineers. Research positions listed below are guaranteed to have at least one program schedule that will favor students attending schools on the quarter system.

Internships positions are now available at the following locations. Apply ASAP!

     Sandia National Laboratories



     Northrop Grumman Corporation

     Agilent Technologies


Research and Development


Industry (Check out DeCAF!)


Sandia National Laboratories

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network. Apply for a summer research position at the University of Washington! Other colleges are available, but only UW has a schedule that fits for quarter system schools. GPA of 3.0+ and U.S. citizenship/permanent residence required. Applicants must not have graduated or received a Bachelor's degree prior to the program. Click on "View All Jobs" then do an Advanced Search with Job Family "Student" for internship opportunities! 3.2+ GPA and U.S. citizenship required for undergrad positions. Intern positions are located in Albuquerque, NM or Livermore, CA. Tip: add "U.S. Citizen" to the footer of your resume if applicable.

Hooked on Photonics


U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident? Want to research photovoltaic devices and similar subjects? Head for University of Washington! (Again, only UW among the options support quarter system schools.) You'll need to calculate your major GPA for this application. EE focus? Work right in San Diego! Don't forget to select New Grad/Intern when searching for jobs! Eligible as long as you are allowed to work in the U.S. (Citizenship is not required). Also, be sure to check out Qualcomm at the job fair if they're there!


Information Systems Laboratory

Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships: U.S. Department of Energy. Select from multiple laboratories across the country to work at for the summer! Eligibility requirements are the same as NNIN REU's above. There's a link in the upper left hand corner of the page "Submit Resume." Not necessarily student specific so be sure to ask about summer internship opportunities here!



U.S. Department of Homeland Security: Homeland Security STEM Summer Internship Program. Choose from multiple internship opportunities covering various STEM subjects! Same requirements as NNIN REU above, except for this, your GPA must be 3.3+. This one is a no-brainer. Opportunities are not just limited to EE focus students! For interns, search Job Title "student undergraduate". Add Location "USA" if applicable. Global opportunities are also available! Don't forget to visit them at the job fair!
CIAN REU NanoComposix
Center for Integrated Access Network. Multiple campus options, but only UCSD will support quarter system students! GPA requirement 3.0+ and U.S. citizenship or permanent residence required. Want to work in R&D right away? Have a huge list of lab skills and experience already (or just want to add some)? Got some amazing soft skills? Then jump straight into nanomaterials! Internship opportunities are limited, check back often!
Amgen Scholars Program Vesta Nano Technologies
Want to do summer research right here at UCSD? ChemEng or BioEng focus? Pursuing graduate school? Apply for this program! Must be at least sophomore standing at the time of application. GPA must be 3.2+. U.S. citizenship or permanent residence required. Career opportunities may vary greatly here, but if you enjoy R&D work and feel qualified, then apply here! Recommended for Material Science focus students. Email the person listed in the contact info for possible job opportunities. Student internships may be limited.
Northwestern REU Veterans Medical Research Foundation
Work for a summer at Northwestern University's Materials Science and Engineering Research Center! Only a half hour away from Chicago! No strict GPA requirement, but 3.5+ recommended. U.S. citizens and permanent residents only. Must be returning to school in the fall. Conveniently located right on La Jolla Village Drive! Click on "Search" with the Keywords bar empty to see all jobs. Internships are limited to jobs whose titles contain the term "Helper". Anything above requires at least Bachelor's Degree and some related experience.
NASA DEVELOP Northrop Grumman Corporation
Unlike the other programs, you can apply for this year after year! You are also eligible for an internship within a year after graduation! Choose from various NASA sites across the country! GPA requirement 3.0+. U.S. citizenship/permanent residence requirement varies by NASA site. Primarily for those in the Mechanical Engineering focus, but Electrical Engineering focus students are also encouraged to apply here. When searching jobs, make sure next to the job title it says "Intern" or "New Grad". GPA requirement may vary - minimum is 2.8. U.S. citizenship required for most, if not all, positions.
Chevron Agilent Technologies
If you are interested in renewable energy or just hope to learn about gas productiont, Chevron is the place to go. If you are a chemical or mechanical engineer with a 3.0 GPA or above, apply for an internship position with no other restriction. Most, if not all, of the NanoEngineering foci are supported at this company! Regardless of the actual job you apply for, you could potentially work in a group related to your focus! Select Job Type "Internship" (or "Future/Recent Graduates") and a Business category based on your focus.

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